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Computer Awareness / Knowledge Practise Tests

X-Y graphs are normally used when
1. it is required to illustrate geographical dist
2. relative distribution of data in specified categor
3. percent use of resources under various heads is to be shown
4. trends as a function of time is to be illustrated
5. none of the above

A scanner scans
1. pictures
2. text
3. both pictures and text
4. neither pictures and text
5. none of the above

Another wordfor CPU is
1. microprocessor
2. execute
3. microchip
4. decode
5. none of the above

AVERAGE is an example of
1. Formula
2. Function
3. Field
4. Table
5. Macro

What is the most common type of compatibility that a software manufacturer will provide for new versions of their software?
1. Both backward and forward compatibility
2. Neither backward nor forward compatibility
3. Backward compatibility but not forward compatibility
4. Forward compatibility but not backward compatibility
5. All of these