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English Practise Tests

What is the true function of education according to the ancient Indian philosophers?
1. Education is developemnt of mind
2. Education is the culture of culture
3. Education brings about salvation and developement of soul
4. Education equips man's mind with facts about the world around him
5. Education aims to the inculcation of generosity

If they share burden alternately, they
1. will get tired soon
2. won't get tired
3. don't get tired
4. can't feel tiring
5. none of the above

The chinese are basically a homogeneous people because
1. different races were able to assimilate to a great degree
2. there has always been only one race in China
3. the other races came to look like the Chinese because of geographical factors
4. all other races were forcibly kept out of china
5. of their antipathy toward intermarriage

According to the passage, the function of the teacher is
1. to instill facts into the mind of the student
2. to teach him to master facts about the world
3. to foster spirit of fellow-feeling
4. to teach humanity and spirit of accommodation
5. to remove the leaden weights; of pride and prejudice passion and desire to liberate the soul

The more we looked at the piece of modern art,
1. we liked it less
2. better we liked it
3. it look better
4. the more we like it
5. the less we liked it