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English Practise Tests

What is the true function of education according to the ancient Indian philosophers?
1. Education is developemnt of mind
2. Education is the culture of culture
3. Education brings about salvation and developement of soul
4. Education equips man's mind with facts about the world around him
5. Education aims to the inculcation of generosity



1. sacred
2. portly
3. ugly
4. villian
5. none of the above

What is the object of education according to Geothe?
1. it teaches social manners
2. it teaches courtesy
3. it forms tastes
4. it communicates knowledge
5. it makes one a good citizen of world

What is the man's culture judged by?
1. By the amount of tabulated information which he has at his command
2. By the variety of books he has read
3. By the quality of mind which he brings to bear on the facts of life
4. By man's sociability
5. By the pleasentness of man's temperament and sweetness of behaviour



1. Stretch
2. hollow,
3. piercing
4. rumbling
5. none of the above