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1. fool
2. happy
3. trouble
4. salt down
5. none of the above

What is the true function of education according to the ancient Indian philosophers?
1. Education is developemnt of mind
2. Education is the culture of culture
3. Education brings about salvation and developement of soul
4. Education equips man's mind with facts about the world around him
5. Education aims to the inculcation of generosity

Confucianism stresses, above all
1. image_name worship
2. recognition of moral values
3. division of church and state
4. acceptance of foriengers
5. seperation of social classes


Directions(Q : 21-25): In the following passage some of the words have been left out. First read the paragraph over and try to underastand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given:

His talk used to be full of wit and humorous. He liked reading. He was a 21 reader and would pore over books 22 a wide range of interest as 23 he got them. He had 24 a standing order to two book shops 25 city.
1. veracious
2. fervent
3. anxious
4. enthusiastic
5. none of the above

Many people have law degrees
1. but some of them donot practise it
2. however it isn't practised by all
3. yet some are not undergoing practises
4. but not all of them practise law
5. and some of them do have practise also