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English Practise Tests

What is the true function of education according to the ancient Indian philosophers?
1. Education is developemnt of mind
2. Education is the culture of culture
3. Education brings about salvation and developement of soul
4. Education equips man's mind with facts about the world around him
5. Education aims to the inculcation of generosity

If they share burden alternately, they
1. will get tired soon
2. won't get tired
3. don't get tired
4. can't feel tiring
5. none of the above



1. offensive
2. cheerless
3. artificial
4. encouraging
5. none of the above

According to passage, a typical business reaction to a recession is to press for
1. higher unemployment insurance
2. government action
3. protection against imports
4. restrictive business practices
5. none of the above

Many people have law degrees
1. but some of them donot practise it
2. however it isn't practised by all
3. yet some are not undergoing practises
4. but not all of them practise law
5. and some of them do have practise also