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General/Economy/Banking Awareness Practise Tests

Which Indian deity is known as lord of dance?
1. Vishnu
2. Brahma
3. Indra
4. Shiva
5. none of the above

The Vedas contain all the truth was interpreted by :
1. Swami Dayananda
2. Swami Vivekananda
3. Ramakrishna
4. Buddha
5. none of the above

Which of the following districts is not part of Telangana?
1. Khammam
2. Nizamabad
3. Nellore
4. Adilabad
5. none of these

After Quit India Movement, C. Rajagopalachari issued a pamphlet entitled "The Way Out".Which one of the following was a proposal in this pamphlet?
1. The establishment of a 'War Advisory Council' composed of representatives of British India and the Indian States.
2. Reconstitution of the Central Executive Council in such a way that all its members, except the Governor General and the Commander - in -Chief should be Indian leaders.
3. Fresh elections to the Central and Provincial Legislatures to be held at the end of 1945 and the Constitution making body to be convened as soon as possible.
4. A solution for the constitutional deadlock.
5. none of the above

Where is Fort William located ?
1. Chennai
2. Goa
3. Kolkata
4. Mysore
5. none of the above