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General Science Practise Tests

The dry cell produces electric energy from
1. Nuclear
2. Radio active
3. Solar energy
4. Chemical energy
5. none of the above

Insulin secretes from
1. Pitutory glands
2. Adrenal gland
3. Pancreas
4. Liver
5. none of the above

Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits?
1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin B
3. Vitamin C
4. Vitamin D
5. none of the above

Cream and butter can be separate from milk by adding
1. water
2. Alcohol
3. Alkalies
4. Acid
5. none of the above

In the manufacture of bread, the dough rises because of:
1. the action of heat in the banking process
2. the capillary action of water in the dough
3. the evaporation of water used in kneading the dough
4. the releasing action of carbon dioxide formed during the fermentation process
5. none of these